Highly evolved Trading & Investment system created to generate superior returns across different market cycles.

Key features


Index derivatives & Stock options


Moderate risk

Investor Profile

Investors who understand risk-return relationship & would remain invested across different market conditions


Dynamic participation depending on the market movements

Trade Type

Intraday and Positional

Investment Mode

Combination of Collateral margin* + Cash margin
(*As approved by exchange)

Highlights of AYOMA

Well defined Risk Management
Well defined Risk Management

Tight stop loss & trail at trade level as well as at portfolio level. Mix of automated and manual disaster management models and control to tackle unforeseen anomalies.

Ultra Low Latency
Ultra Low Latency

Ultra low latency system processes latest available information at a speed much faster than blink of eye.

Yield Enhancer​
Yield Enhancer​

Leverage existing assets (Stock/MF/NCDs/etc.) and generate top-up returns on the same.

Self Learning
Self Learning

System uses its intelligence to analyse information and decide strategies for trading days. Can easily switch between Delta Neutral Strangles to Directional Trade positions, momentum based participations, etc.

Hedged Position​
Hedged Position​

None of the trades goes without corresponding hedge position. Similar to insurance for any catastrophic event happening during the day.

Easy Entry-Exit​​
Easy Entry-Exit​

No lock in period for investment. Capital can be withdrawn any time. However advisable to stay invested for ~6 to 9 months.